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Five Causes of Bad Memory

Human memory is a complex mental process and its work is affected by various factors. If you know what negatively influences your memory, you know what to fight against and how to improve your memory. What are the causes of bad memory?

Lack of interest to the subject. If you’re trying to memorize something that you find boring, you memorize at great expense of time and energy. However, you usually easily catch the information that interests you. For example, if a person has a hobby, he probably knows (and therefore remembers) a lot of information on the subject including bunch of numbers and special terminology.

Attention problems, inability to focus on a task or activity. Many people are not able to focus. We’re overloaded with information coming from all around us: mass media, social networks, adds, etc. This excess of information we are indeliberately exposed to forces us to perceive the information superficially. We quickly move from one page to another on the Internet, watch TV while doing something else or just to take the time. The brain hardly has time to seize the meaning of all the distracting sounds and words. So we end up distracted, unfocused.

Inability to retain information and recall it. It’s also important to correctly use your memory. There are several rules of how to memorize. First of all, you should repeat the information, and then try to connect it to visual images to better remember. Simple tricks can dramatically improve the efficiency of memorization. It’s important to understand that the ability to remember is not a gift from above; it’s just a skill that can be learned.

Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle or environment. It’s also true that the work of your mind is influenced by its environment. Physiological processes in your brain depend on the nutrients reaching it and on the oxygen supply. Many studies agree on the fact that polyunsaturated fatty acids help to improve your memory and even fight Alzheimer disease. Avocado, linseed and salmon are all rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Depending on whether you are getting enough of oxygen and nutrients, your brain operates effectively or ineffectively. On the other hand, you should not only try to nourish your brain with healthy nutrients, but also consider protecting your brain from the negative influence of damaging substances like tobacco smoke and alcohol. Unfortunately, poor air quality in most cities because of industrial and transport off-gases, particle matter and lack of oxygen negatively impact human brain, so one should protect him/herself from potential damage and rest well and take long walks in parks or woods.

Poor health, stress and depression. Indeed, if you’re not feeling well and nothing interests you, which is a common symptom of depression, the range of your interests narrows to a minimum. Of course, your memory would work to its best.

We hope that the above list helps you to find or prevent the causes of bad memory. To find out more about memory training please read “Fastest Way to Train Your Brain” and “The Cicero Method

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