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1. Find a poem you want to learn on the Internet

2. Copy and paste it into the text box

3. Push the button "Go"

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We recommend to tell yourself the poem a couple of times for quick check.

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Fastest way to learn a poem

If you or your child needs to learn a poem, but you can’t or don’t want to spend countless hours repeating the poetic lines to memorize them, the interactive online service was created to help you learn a poem fast and easy.

It is noteworthy that memorizing verses using can be enjoyable and fun for both adults and children. Most importantly, this online service is absolutely free, and allows you to learn a poem or memorize a consequence of facts fast and easy in a playful manner, regardless of its size and complexity.

How does it work?

All the experts are unanimous in their opinion - the human brain is able to remember things for a long time only if the information is repeated many times. The creators of the online service did not "reinvent the wheel", so they also used the repetition as a main and most effective way to help learn anything, yet they only changed its form.

With you won’t need to repeat the same line for zillions of times. Memorizing the poem lines with resembles an exciting game. Poem lines turn into verbal construction blocks. Using these you can multiple times construct the whole building of the poem. method of memorizing a poem consists of six levels. You pass a level, if you manage to “construct” the poem from scattered and mixed lines and fragments of the poem. Well, you’ll have to read the poem before starting the game once or twice just to remember the logic and structure without giving too much attention to detail. But of course reading once or twice is much easier and faster than endless repetitions of the lines.

If at some point you make a mistake, you have to redo the level. Each level is more complicated than the previous one, which adds to the whole process of learning a poem a touch of excitement.

Why learn poems with, an online service, offers you an easy yet exiting game instead of wimp repetition of the poem. One of the most important advantages is the fact that the child does not need to be forced into memorizing a poem, as it and so will be spending time using his or her favorite device, but only for the benefit of education.

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