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Several steps of memory improvement

I think it’s no secret that all our personality exists in the memory. All that humans have ever done, are doing at the moment and want to do - everything is stored in the memory and without memory being human is almost not possible. Memory helps us to improve our skills, to alter relations and learn new things, as well as to gain experience. My memory is not the best, and it is constantly affecting my life.

Remember %username%

I’m sure you have been through this before: here you are driving to work, deep in your thoughts and suddenly - bam! You come up with an idea. All of a sudden you have an idea of, say, a startup. So you are carefully nurturing your idea, you already have a plan, you know how to present the startup to the investors, and you even imagine how you will invest the first profit you gain with the startup - and suddenly you are distracted. No matter what, your friend called or you just see something distracting on the street – you immediately switch to the current task. Yet after you’re finished talking to your friend or gazing at something happening on the street and – of course you don’t remember what the great idea you thought about five minutes before was!

This situation is more than familiar to me, it happens too often. I’m tired and I decided to improve my memory. I am determined. I don’t just want to do a bit of training for my memory and forget about it the next day. What I want, is to expand the very capability of my memory.

I’ve started with the basics. Every time someone told me his/her number I tried to learn it by heart. But you can’t learn to be a superhuman by remembering mobile numbers of your friends, right?

So I found out a dozen of ways to train my memory. It is important that your memory is constantly trained, because otherwise there would be some pieces of information that you don’t use and with time those would definitely fade away. Then, to my phones-remembering exercise I added some fun. When I entered a room I tried to remember the objects on their places, the clothes the people in the room are dressed into, etc. Well, that’s a good way to practice your memory,, but because the information is unnecessary, your brain won’t keep it for a long time.

My mom advised me to learn poems. I decided to try and found out that I really enjoy reading poetry and the poems I like best stick really quickly and without effort. Memorizing poetry was not only useful for memory, but for self-education.

But there is also an alternative method – learning foreign languages! You can train your memory by, for example, memorizing the irregular verbs. Or, again, you can learn poems in their original language. This method will not only expand your vocabulary, it’ll help to learn the idioms and the very structure of language.

The Results

Using the advice I’ve described here I really improved my memory by constantly working on myself, memorizing everything, learning something new, then checking what I remember to stimulate my memory. That’s why I decided to share my experience and hope you’ve enjoyed reading and will find it useful!

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